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Network From the Soul

Red Desde El Alma was born to start an international network of networks and people who seek to transform the world and live in a reality that transcends the current one. A more harmonious reality that accompanies planetary evolution with a legitimately conscious humanity.

The message that spreads, faster every time, is that we can reconfigure everything if we change the way we see the reality that shapes us. We must remember the origin, where we come from, who we are and where we are going; unite the stories that created us as Humanity, reliving them, learning from it, reliving the magic and the joy of living on this earth in total respect. Recovering the meaning for which we are here, now, and being part of the stories and legends of our origins, can rebuild our past and create a new future.


In this beautiful network of networks you will find proposals that are aligned with this call, which speaks of UNITY, RESPECT, EQUALITY AND ABOVE ALL LOVE.




Welcome to the Network From the Soul

Francisco M. Ayr
Founder & CEO of Red Desde El Alma

For those who do not know me, I am a communicator in the field of self-knowledge, being the result of an intense work of internal reengineering. Determined to share the tools, such as sacred keys, that enable you to live a life in fullness and happiness. Expanding knowledge and weaving awareness through therapies, conferences, retreats, workshops and more.


"I am an eternal seeker, who no longer searches doctrines or books, I hear my blood murmur knowledge in the whisper of my heartbeat"

What you will find here

Network Creations

Próximos eventos

  • Liberation of Anubis (Spanish)
    Liberation of Anubis (Spanish)
    Available now!
    Encounter Recorded
    Available now!
    Encounter Recorded
    Available now!
    Encounter Recorded
    🌟This formation is a connection with Master Anubis. Anubis as god of liberation, as a guide to the light of everything that is required. His technique removes bonds, karmic ties, non-light magic and any low vibrational energy.

Escuela del Ser RDA

Escuela RDA incia su ciclo mágico de encuentros en vivo con grandes referentes internacionales! Abriendo un nuevo registro en este recordar planetario, con una bella referente, Kirinroop Carolina, que nos compartirá toda su magia y experiencia en el tema.


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Yoga at Home

I want to join Red from the Soul with my magic!
If you are a facilitator, therapist, astrologer, reikist, etc.  or you have a network and you want to join, .. Be part of the tribe!

Thank you for your message!

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Francisco Ayr

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Founder & CEO of Red Desde El Alma


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