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The new humanity

December 10-12

THE new humanity
Are you

In this congress you will find the new vision that connects us with this new humanity through the different international references. The vision about the future of the human race from the current situation and history will be exposed, to achieve a deep understanding of where we should go as a collective in this global network that unites us.

You are the primary agent to transform your reality

This congress will help you to recognize how to act from that power that you are.

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Limited places

How can I participate?


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* Remember that you can also access if you can not see a speaker live!

Here we show you

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Who accompany us

If you want to contribute your granite ...

Safe Water Campaign

We invite you to make your  contribution so that more families from Monte Chaqueño can have access to safe water through cisterns, built together with the communities.

Link to the site to Donate

About the artist: Joaquín del Mundo - Musician

Hello human, human, welcome to the future. I am Joaquin del Mundo, from a hostile and beautiful World that eats its own planet, whose surface displays colors, cultures and magical Nature, a World that hides mysterious and inexplicable forces in its depth, a World at war that reinvents itself like everyone else of us, from within, with the breath of songs. What can we do to beautify it? What meaning do you find in this existence? Mine is to sing, to free the body, trusting in love as the only way. I carry my songs with me with soul and life, and with great joy I feel that it is fortunate to have found us here, On the back of time ..

Network From The Soul

Red Desde El Alma was born to start an international network of networks and people who seek to transform the world and live in a reality that transcends the current one. A more harmonious reality that accompanies planetary evolution with a legitimately conscious humanity.

The message that spreads, faster every time, is that we can reconfigure everything if we change the way we see the reality that shapes us. We must remember the origin, where we come from, who we are and where we are going; unite the stories that created us as Humanity, reliving them, learning from it, reliving the magic and the joy of living on this earth in total respect. Recovering the meaning for which we are here, now, and being part of the stories and legends of our origins, can rebuild our past and create a new future.


In this beautiful network of networks you will find proposals that are aligned with this call, which speaks of UNITY, RESPECT, EQUALITY AND ABOVE ALL LOVE.



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