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We are souls walking a path towards our purpose. Today is Spreading the message to give life to the New Humanity.


Integrating our experiences, experiences and knowledge, we invite you to travel this part of the journey together, living in awareness and sharing it with the world. We are part of this global energy network that calls today for a new era of prosperity and love, of Unity.


We invite you to know what these wonderful speakers will tell us about the future of the human race from the current situation and also its history, to achieve the deep understanding that guides us in a new direction as a collective in favor of our evolution.

Some of the speakers


Matías De Stefano 

Reminder and Educator of the Planetary Network of Consciousness

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Vannia Piñeda Villa

  Multidimensional channel of energies. Healing, liberation and energy activation

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René Buendía 

Communicator, Planetary Activator CoCreator


Cintia Jorgesen

Bachelor of Nutrition, specialized in Ayurveda. Promoter of conscious eating and holistic health.


Amparo Servian and Agustín Adrover
Therapists Experts in the magic and legends of the Avalon area


Clara Victoria

Coach in Spiritual Development and Ascension, Channeler of energy and codes of light


Sixto Paz 

Peruvian author and lecturer on contact with extraterrestrials from the scientific and spiritual perspectives.

René Mey.jpg

René Mey

Humanist, seer and ambassador of peace. Dedicated to humanitarian work giving a message of peace and hope to millions of people.


Francisco Manuel Ayr

​ Communicator in the field of self-knowledge and Holistic Educator

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Karles Torah

  Writer, gemologist specializing in cartography, mystical journeys and spiritual retreats


Sri Kalyani 

First initiatory teacher in Spanish of Ancient Hindu Tantra Sri Vidya. Lic. In Psychology, Psychoanalyst.


Cristian Contreras Radovic

  Chilean journalist, writer, lecturer, doctor of philosophy and politician

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Juan Miguel Fernandez and

Maria Jesus Albertus

Presidents of the Center for Spiritist Studies of Madrid 

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Ramon  Freire

Educator, sound engineer, music expert, book author.

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